Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yo yo yo

Sup homies, hurry up with your submissions!! I really must apologize for my lack of creativity ie. I drew a character design of a girl with a feather in her hair haha. She's kinda who I'd like to be if I lived in the series 'A Song of Ice and Fire.'
 I still need to maybe colour it in but here's the line art for now :D
And this is a lil painting of Icarus drowning. I wanted it to have the waves and the sun in the sky to really contrast with the depths of the dark ocean engulfing him but I ran out of paper space. Bad times.

Hope to see your guys stuff up soon! Oh and the theme for next week is 'gnarly'


  1. Meredith! I love your idea with Icarus, such a good idea- you def get bonus points for having so many ideas- haha, our lame fantasy loving selves. I can't wait to see your shopped stuff. I love the girl, I'm hoping you color her! Good job, Dag ;)

  2. So goooood, Meredith!! I love the girl, she's what I imagine a swashbuckling adventurer might look like :). Love the Icarus painting as well, I only wish I could click on it to see it bigger!

  3. Great work Jude:D! I especially love her thick hair, and all of the tiny little details! Our house should totally get into LARP next year and this would defo be your persona :P