Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hi everyone, just taking liberties to post up our weekly posting schedules. I've put it together in order of who joined this blog. Anyone else who'd like to join is always welcome, as the rotation can always fit more. Your idea can be a noun, verb or adjective- something nonspecific so everyone can be as broadminded as possible! Topics should start every Monday, and submissions should come in every Sunday. I hope this suits everyone, can't wait to see everyone's work!


  1. HOLLAAAA! I go on Holiday this wednesday for two weeks so can I poss do the ol' switch-aroo with Amy lol? So do we start tomorrow then? :D Very excite


  2. Hey it's no problem, Raquel's going on break when she has it as well, I should've taken a big consensus first. Would it be okay if you and Raquel switch weeks? I think it would work out then :)!

  3. Good thing I got week before I move to Luxembourg, Sounds goood! :)