Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Topic Numero 3

I realize I haven't been posting any work (oops...), but I'm still posting up this weeks topic (even if it's a day late, sorry!)

Anywho, topic is: space.



Okay, I had plenty of trouble with "gnarly", but luckily I had a pretty gnarly experience this past week to have something to doodle with. My sister and I biked to the mall, and went to get some free makeup tutorials. Since I have killer bags under my eyes, I opted to try the Benefit "Lemon Aid" concealer. Sadly it didn't do anything, or so I thought... The next morning my eyes had become itchy, red and swollen over. Basically Quasimodo or domestic abuse victim, it was a scary sight. In the end I think it was due to an allergic reaction to the yellow dye.

I drew some creepy swollen eyed Emily drawings for you all.
They don't really look like me. And they have jelly arms. I should've been thinking harder with the subject matter, but I was too busy eating chocochip cookies and watching Food Network. Story of my summer (and probable weight gain). The first drawing's my additional doodle, just to capture my misshapen eyes during this itchy affair. The second one, my sister dragged me out to the grocery store to buy cinnamon bread. I tried to hide my face as best I could, just so people didn't think I was punched or with pink eye. Ended up being an embarrassing grouchy trip.
Ay ayayay.

This blog is looking preeetty sad. I know everyone has things to do, but even a sketch a week is doable! I'm just eager to see everyone's work, and have a lovely, diverse blog to look at! Sorry to be a bitch, I shouldn't talk, I'm late as well!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yo yo yo

Sup homies, hurry up with your submissions!! I really must apologize for my lack of creativity ie. I drew a character design of a girl with a feather in her hair haha. She's kinda who I'd like to be if I lived in the series 'A Song of Ice and Fire.'
 I still need to maybe colour it in but here's the line art for now :D
And this is a lil painting of Icarus drowning. I wanted it to have the waves and the sun in the sky to really contrast with the depths of the dark ocean engulfing him but I ran out of paper space. Bad times.

Hope to see your guys stuff up soon! Oh and the theme for next week is 'gnarly'


Okay, the geeky little boy in me drew for this week's topic. The library in my town has the best fairy tale section, and after I get into reading them again, I again go straightaway to looking at my favorite illustrators, Kay Nielsen (you can tell by my tree ref.) and John Bauer (inspiration to grudgingly work back in monotone). I haven't drawn seriously in pencil for a long time, and it took me ages to realize that I couldn't just resize, move and undo what I drew. Damnit, photoshop. The image is busier than what I wanted, and I realize I need to practice a lot more on tone and shading, but it's been meditative to go handmade.

PS- The weird stuff on the trees are supposed to be moss...

I'm excited to see everyone's work, I'm looking forward to all your postings!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Topic #1


Hoping it's not too lame, and sorry it's so late for everyone in Europe AND Juri all the way in Japan, I'm like half a day behind so I forgot about time diff. Sorry guys!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hi everyone, just taking liberties to post up our weekly posting schedules. I've put it together in order of who joined this blog. Anyone else who'd like to join is always welcome, as the rotation can always fit more. Your idea can be a noun, verb or adjective- something nonspecific so everyone can be as broadminded as possible! Topics should start every Monday, and submissions should come in every Sunday. I hope this suits everyone, can't wait to see everyone's work!