Sunday, June 19, 2011


Okay, the geeky little boy in me drew for this week's topic. The library in my town has the best fairy tale section, and after I get into reading them again, I again go straightaway to looking at my favorite illustrators, Kay Nielsen (you can tell by my tree ref.) and John Bauer (inspiration to grudgingly work back in monotone). I haven't drawn seriously in pencil for a long time, and it took me ages to realize that I couldn't just resize, move and undo what I drew. Damnit, photoshop. The image is busier than what I wanted, and I realize I need to practice a lot more on tone and shading, but it's been meditative to go handmade.

PS- The weird stuff on the trees are supposed to be moss...

I'm excited to see everyone's work, I'm looking forward to all your postings!


  1. Emily this is truly lovely!! You never cease to amaze with your beautiful style showing a clear sense of narrative. I had thought of a Robin Hood type character too cause his arrows would have feathers on the end and he could even have a feather in his hat! Glad I didn't now cause it would have totally been out shined. Well done gurrrl!! xx

  2. Oh no way, I know you would have taken the Robin Hood idea up onto an amazing level. I was actually scared cos I had the idea when you were talking to me about LOTR fantasy, and thought you might do something similar! Thanks for the sweet words though, I'm still hoping more people post stuff up, arrr.

  3. I'm with Jude, this is lovely Emily! All of your art has a great sense of story and love your original take on 'feather'! Great way to start the summer sketching :D! X

  4. Lovely composition, great charm in the line and tonework too!