Tuesday, June 28, 2011



Okay, I had plenty of trouble with "gnarly", but luckily I had a pretty gnarly experience this past week to have something to doodle with. My sister and I biked to the mall, and went to get some free makeup tutorials. Since I have killer bags under my eyes, I opted to try the Benefit "Lemon Aid" concealer. Sadly it didn't do anything, or so I thought... The next morning my eyes had become itchy, red and swollen over. Basically Quasimodo or domestic abuse victim, it was a scary sight. In the end I think it was due to an allergic reaction to the yellow dye.

I drew some creepy swollen eyed Emily drawings for you all.
They don't really look like me. And they have jelly arms. I should've been thinking harder with the subject matter, but I was too busy eating chocochip cookies and watching Food Network. Story of my summer (and probable weight gain). The first drawing's my additional doodle, just to capture my misshapen eyes during this itchy affair. The second one, my sister dragged me out to the grocery store to buy cinnamon bread. I tried to hide my face as best I could, just so people didn't think I was punched or with pink eye. Ended up being an embarrassing grouchy trip.
Ay ayayay.

This blog is looking preeetty sad. I know everyone has things to do, but even a sketch a week is doable! I'm just eager to see everyone's work, and have a lovely, diverse blog to look at! Sorry to be a bitch, I shouldn't talk, I'm late as well!

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