Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Topic #4

First off, ladies and gentlemen, I present the next topic:


It might not be the most explosive, inspiring word there ever was or will be, but I trust you guys to turn it into something beautiful. :D

Secondly, apologies for the lack of posting on my part. I've been away from internet and home, but hopefully I'll be able to slowly catch up on all the topics I've missed so far. For now, I'll give you a slightly rushed reply to 'feather'.

Toooootally not the most original response, I know, and I didn't exactly stretch out of my comfort zone, but it was definitely still fun to do. It was meant to be kinda like those fabulous posed something-hundreds Native American photos you'd always see on the geography/history/food technology teacher's wall. As you can probably tell, I haven't exactly done much research, so apologies if it's all stereotypical and offensive. Next time I'll work on adding a non-lineface expression, and drawing something that doesn't look like it belongs tattooed on a 60 year old man's bingo wing!



  1. WHAT?! SLIGHTLY RUSHED? This is really gorgeous, Amy! And I'm happy someone did a Native American, I was really hoping someone would. Hahaha, and my photography teacher had a big set of old school sepia toned Indian portraits in her class, I def see the resemblance :)!

  2. Awesome as always Amy. Love the sculptural rendering and bare jel of your drartmenship skillzzzz! And 'soft' sounds like it's gonna be fun! Is it strange that my first, instant thought was old ladies hair? I need to get wrinkles out of my drawing system :s

  3. So good to see your work up Amy!! He looks so 3d, great stuff, keep it up!