Friday, July 22, 2011


Okay this is my (super) late post for 'soft', and my least favorite post for the sketchblog so far. A few bloggers I see make these sweet 60's dry brush acrylic paintings, and I always thought the feel was cute. However I stupidly didn't take any brushes home, so I only had one messed up liner and filbert to use which was quite tricky. My scanner further marred this up though, you can see the details on the cat and the woman's collar are blurred, I'm so stoked to use uni scanners again. However the most annoying thing was that while I was waiting for paint to dry I kept thinking how it would be so much faster if I just did it digitally, haa. Ugh, never again! Though it's a good reminder for me to keep experimenting!


  1. Definitely, definitely keep experimenting. The thing is, if it doesn't turn out, maybe you've learned something, or been inspired, and it just makes your 'normal' artwork that much better. Great blog!

  2. you remind me of Tim Burton..if your in LA check out the exhibit...keep it up!

  3. Hey thanks to the both of you!
    Jane: Thank you for the words of wisdom! Experimenting is definitely key to growing as an illustrator, let alone any creative field. Though it's hard to not get down when it doesn't work out to your intention ;). Just gotta keep swimming forward!

    Joffrey: Thanks so much! My friend went to one of his exhibitions in NY, and said it was put together phenomenally- one day I'll check it out! :)

  4. I agree with JaneA. It just makes your 'normal' artwork that much better.